How to Bid


Create an account.

You’ll need an account for the Dropout Auction store to bid on a listing. You cannot bid as a guest user. Just go to My Account > Create Account.

Note: This is different from a Dropout Merch store account.


Pay the entrance fee.

You will not be able to participate in the auction without having paid the $5 joining fee. The entrance fee allows us to better prevent fraudulent bids. 100% of this fee will go to charity.

To pay the joining fee:
1. Visit an item for auction.
2. Click the Join Auction button.
3. Checkout with the auction fee in your cart. 
4. That's it! You'll receive a confirmation email and then you're ready to bid!



Browse the auction items.

Upcoming lots will appear on the site 7 days prior to launch on the Upcoming page. All live auctions will appear on the Live page. After an item is live, the auction runs for 5 days. Plus, we'll be posting updates to our dedicated auction social channels. Follow us on twitter and instagram!



Place your bids.

Bids can only be made in USD $1.00 increments. You can place a bid in one of two ways.

1. Normal Bidding
A normal bid is placed by entering your desired bid amount and clicking Place Bid. The minimum bid allowed is automatically entered. 

Normal Bid

2. Automatic Bidding
Automatic bidding (also known as proxy bidding) is the option to set a maximum price that you're willing to pay for an item and allow the computer system to bid for you by the minimum bid increment. This happens until someone places a higher bid than your maximum. 

For example, let's say the current bid on an item is $65. Gorgug places an automatic bid at $100. Fig places a normal bid at $66. The computer system then places a bid of $67 on Gorgug's behalf. This process repeats the current bid surpasses $100, someone else sets a higher automatic bid or Gorgug wins the auction.

Proxy Step 1

To place an automatic bid, click Place Automatic Bid, submit an amount that represents the maximum amount you would want to bid on this item and click Place Proxy Bid. Keep in mind, this must be higher than the highest current bid. You'll get email notifications if you've been outbid or your automatic bid is surpassed. 

Proxy Step 2



Keep an eye on your active bids.

From the account page, you’ll be able to view the status of every bid you’ve made. Just go to My Account > View My Bids. From here, you can keep an eye on all of the auctions you've participated in.

You'll get email notifications throughout the process. Notifying you when you're been outbid, the status of your automatic bid or if you've won or lost an auction. 

We've enable Popcorn Bidding which will help alleviate against potential issues around bid sniping / last minute loading issues. 



Win and complete your purchase.

After winning an auction, you’ll get an email stating that you’ve won. From here, you’ll have 5 days to complete your purchase. 

To complete your purchase: 
1. Go to My Account > View My Bids > Won Auctions.
2. Click Buy Now. The item will then be added to your cart.
3. Complete the checkout process as you would normally.



Wait by the mailbox.

All items will be shipped via UPS. Please see FAQs for more information on shipping.


Still got questions? Email us at