When does the auction begin?

The Neverafter Auction will begin on Monday, May 1st at 12PM PST/ 3PM EST and close on Friday, May 19th at 12PM PST/ 3PM EST. 

To avoid heavy load issues for the site, auction items per wave will go up in groups of six at the top of the hour for five hours on launch days, and similarly close in groups of six at the top of the hour on auction close days.


Are there any restrictions on who can bid?

Yes - only individuals who have paid a $5 “entrance fee” will be allowed to bid on items in the auction. The entirety of this fee will go to our non-profit beneficiary. This fee is non-refundable, so please carefully consider before joininig the auction.

Additionally, we will only be able to ship items within the United States, so please keep this in mind before submitting a bid.


What if I already paid an entrance fee for a previous auction?

Good news! You do not need to pay another entrance fee if you've have already done so in the past. That is also true for those who have won an auction and have been reimbursed for that fee.


How long does each round of bidding last?

Each round of bidding will last approximately 4 days - from 12PM PST Pacific Monday to 12PM PST the following Friday.


Where will the auction be happening?

The Dropout Auction site - https://auction.dropout.tv


I have an account on the Dropout Store - will that be the same account for the Dropout Auction site?

No, this is a separate site from the main Dropout Store, and will require you to create a new account prior to bidding on any items.


I created an account on the Dropout Auction site for a previous auction - will that account still be usable?



I want a mini but I’m probably not going to be able to afford anything at auction prices! What are my options?

We often conduct giveaways during each auction that we run. We’ll notify the winners via email to confirm shipping address.


What happens if I have trouble getting my bid in at the last second?

Depending on the traffic, there may be difficulty in getting last minute bids in. You may submit a bid but the load time of the website fails to process it in time. When the bidding closes, everything is final. Therefore, we recommend that you get any final bids with ample time to spare.

To help alleviate against potential issues around bid sniping / last minute loading issues, we are implementing a feature called ‘popcorn bidding’ - when a bid comes in on an auction item with two minutes or less to go until bidding closes, the time for the auction will be extended by two minutes. This will continue until there are no more bids made in the final two minute duration of an auction.

 NOTE: users need to refresh the page to see the new extended time in popcorn bidding. An auction may appear closed / completed to you, when in fact someone else placed a bid, which extended the time of the auction. Be sure to refresh the page when watching an auction countdown into its final moments.


I submitted a bid and the site didn’t recognize it! What do I do now?

If you attempted to submit a bid prior to close but the site did not process it in time, nothing can be done.


What options are there for bidding?

You can either bid manually, or set an 'automated' or ‘proxy bid’ where you establish a maximum bid amount you would be willing to pay by selecting ‘Place automatic bid.’ This way, if anyone bids above the current bid but below your maximum proxy bid, you will automatically have a new bid placed, until bidding exceeds your maximum bid amount.


Will I be notified if someone outbids me?

You will be notified if someone outbids you after you’ve placed a manual bid. You will not be notified about new bids when you have proxy bidding turned on, until bidding reaches a point where your proxy bid has been outbid or you’ve won the auction.


Are all of the minis the same ones used in the show?

Yes, all minis up for auction were used during production and are visible in episodes from the show.


What condition will the minis be in?

Each mini will be in good condition. Many of the minis up for auction have been touched up / repainted / repaired due to breakage occurring during production or while in storage. A few have been slightly adjusted to fit in the holding cases (e.g. the position of Titania’s wings have been adjusted). However, these will not be pristine / perfect minis - there may be smudges and imperfections. These are working props - luckily, while they are delicate and easily broken, they can be easily repaired and retouched.


How are the minis packed?

Your miniature has been carefully wrapped to keep it safe while in transit. We recommend using caution when removing the bubble wrap. Be mindful of the limbs, fins, twigs, or wings as you unwrap.


How should I display my small mini?

Once your mini is freed from its packaging, place it gently in the spring clamp of the Dimension 20 display base and cover it with the magnetic acrylic case so that your miniature is protected from dust. It’s hard to get dust off if it gets a chance to build up.

When choosing where to display, take care to keep it out of direct sunlight to preserve the paint.


How should I display my large mini?

Included with your purchase is a Dimension 20 plaque to go alongside the miniature. We recommend keeping your miniature inside a display case of some kind to protect it from dust. Dust is hard to get if it gets a chance to build up.

One way to protect the over-sized mini is a clear curio cabinet from a place like IKEA. There are also many vendors that build custom acrylic cases, like https://www.shoppopdisplays.com.


How should I clean my mini?

If dust does become an issue, you can use a compressed air can with slight pressure to gently remove any dust from your miniature. Alternatively, soft bristled brushes like watercolor or makeup brushes can be used to lightly dust the surface.


What will I receive if my bid is the winning one for a particular mini?

 You will receive:

  • The mini
  • A special holding case or display plaque
  • A certificate of authenticity signed by Rick Perry and Brennan Lee Mulligan


Will I be notified when my winning bid is accepted?

You will receive an email at the close of an auction wave if you had the winning bid, offering you instructions on how to complete the transaction. We will be confirming the validity of all bids, and any attempts at fraudulent bids will result in potential legal repercussions.


What do I need to do once my winning bid is accepted?

You will be immediately emailed instructions upon the end of bidding for paying the winning bid amount within 5 days.


After I’ve paid for a winning bid, when can I expect to receive my item?

Items for auction will start to ship the week after they close. You will receive updated vis email on the status of your shipment. All packages will be mailed as standard shipping, there will be no rush option.


What are my options for shipping?

We can only ship items to addresses within the United States. Each item will ship via UPS with tracking and a signature upon delivery. If you'd like to allow delivery without a signature, please reach out to auction@chmedia.com within 24 hours of submitting your payment.


What happens if my mini is lost in transit?

If your mini is lost in transit and unable to be successfully delivered, you will be refunded the full amount of your payment.


What happens if my mini is broken in transit?

If your mini arrives broken, please contact us at auction@chmedia.com within 7 days of receiving it.


What if I break my mini after receiving it?

These minis are very delicate, and we advise you to be exceptionally careful with them. Unfortunately, if you break the mini, you will be responsible for its repairs.


Am I allowed to bid on multiple items per round?

Yes, but keep in mind that you may win multiple bids, and therefore should be prepared to pay for any winning bids. Anyone who has a winning bid but fails to submit payment within 5 days will no longer be eligible to participate in any Dropout Auctions.


Will minis from other seasons of Dimension 20 ever be up for auction?

Yes! Follow us on twitter for updates. 


How are you using the auction proceeds?

25% of all profits generated from auction sales (and 100% of all entrance fees) will be donated. The remaining 75% will go towards funding art and minis for future seasons of Dimension 20.


Are there any rewards for paying the most money during the auction?

No, except for the reward of having a unique Dimension 20 mini and knowing your payment is going to make the show (and world) better.


Why isn’t [my favorite mini] available for auction?

Either because they were too large for the holding cases, or because they were claimed by someone following the end of production.


What if I have a question not answered by this FAQ?

 Please reach out to auction@chmedia.com.